How many times would you say the software you use at work is enjoyable? If you’re like most people, the answer is never. Why is it accepted that enterprise/business software = painful to use?

When you step on board a commercial flight to go somewhere with your family, you want to know that the people that maintain those planes were able to do so easily. Today, that isn’t always the case. 

The painful experiences we collected while airline employees for commercial airlines in the US motivated us to build something better. SynapseMX™ is aircraft maintenance software that is incredibly powerful and yet easy to use.

SynapseMX™ addresses three core areas that we know airlines struggle with when it comes to the current maintenance system(s):

The team won’t hate using it

SynapseMX™ is incredibly easy to use, it works on any device with an internet connection, and requires no training to get started… anyone can be productive in the first few minutes. And with configurable in-app, email and SMS notifications, we’ve reduced the opportunity for communication gaps so the team will always know when they need to take action.

The data is still accessible

With SynapseMX™, we don’t limit airlines to just using a few canned reports. We support the latest data visualization and business intelligence tools to turn data into useful insights via our secure APIs. Or, easily export data out in a format (like Excel spreadsheets) that works for the advanced data geeks in the crowd.

SynapseMX™ is always online

The beauty of our cloud solution is that it just works. No servers to buy. No patches or upgrades to deal with. No downtime or maintenance windows needed. And we’ll do it all with a uptime guarantee.

Schedule a short live demo so you can discover for yourself what it’s like to enjoy aircraft maintenance software.